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At Beaconsfield School we aim to provide a comprehensive enrichment programme by implementing a range of intiatives to ensure that we meet our students diverse range of abilities, interests and learning needs.

Please click on the links below to view our Beaconsfield School Enrichment Policy. The Bright Child vs Gifted Learner and Gifted Underachiever Checklist provided below are very useful tools for parents to identify traits in their child that may indicate potential giftedness.

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The enrichment opportunities we offer our students include:
Exciting 'hands on' Science lessons with University of Canterbury Science Advisor Mr Warren Bruce.

Marlene Hanson is our dedicated Music teacher who leads our school wide music, choir and kapa haka programmes. Mrs Hanson also offers our students opportunities to learn instruments including the keyboard or ukelele.

Our students have been offered the opportunity to participate in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Science, English and Mathematics exams. These exams are administered by the University of New South Wales and have been designed to provide students and parents with valuable information including an individualised diagnostic report of their performance. Students have the opportunity to earn awards ranging from medal, high distinction, distinction, credit or participation certificates.

Click on the image below to select your online ICAS practice test questions:
Our school wide interchange programme for Reading and Mathematics ensures that our students who are exceeding the expected level of learning are provided with challenging and engaging environments that meet their specific learning needs.

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