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Here you will find some links to some great resources, just click on the images and away you go!Just ask Mrs Bamber if you need any help. You can always email on beaconsfieldlibrary@icloud.com
This is a great search engine to try with some better results than Google.
Try Carrot2 clustering search engine too

This is a huge selection of websites for you to enjoy, some to help you with research and some that are just for fun!
Try looking at their list of popular topics, you can find this by scrolling down the page. If you don't find what you are looking for, be brave and start a chat! Remember your digital citizenship and be polite at all times. These knowledgeable people are there to help you!
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A link to Bob's Books - find out what Bob has been reviewing recently, or find a book that interests you

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Use this link to vote for your favourite of the Children's Choice Books and be in to win some of these great books for yourself and the library!

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Use this button for Britannica School to access lots of information without needing a password.

Use this button to answer all kinds of Personal Questions!

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Use this button to find out about people you are interested in.
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Click on this link to find the Dictionary of New Zealand Biographies

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National Library of New Zealand's High Interest Topics - Science Fairs

Click on this picture to find some great Primary Resources - evidence of early New Zealanders

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